Weddings are considered as a feast and memorable events of one’s life, everybody has their unique tradition and follows; Chocolate Events comprehends and come up with key. Coming to the new environment there are a host of showbiz options to choose from for your matrimonial occasion. Having a dance floor and a D.J belting out the musical hits is the norm. In fact,
our current generations’ peers there are hardly any wedding functions, which don’t have the presence of a D.J. and innovative wedding entertainment options include the presence of live singers and celebrities who keep the guests entertained with their melodies. If your economic circumstance permits, you can also have Top celebrities and Bollywood artists at your functions. For the ethnic traditional touch, folk singers and rappers are another good option. Such wedding entertainment options add a special enthusiasm & amusing to the wedding celebrations
Our Chocolate events specialist would put together a wide-ranging entertainment package within your budget & which fits well with your flavor, preference & wedding theme.
So if you think it's time for the dreamy castle on the sand, its time you think The Chocolate will “Make Your moment sweet”.
Because we understand that customer satisfaction is our value.

What We Do Exactly ?




Decorations - Wedding

Flowers are the finest part of the ceremonial decor, the choice of the flower brands the difference, be it traditional, mixture, western, each blossom has got its own flavor, aroma and etc. But one significant thing is that there is no right or wrong in picking a flower When it comes to flower, it’s automatically producing the traditional way of our culture, which brings up the more enthuse to celebrate further. It’s all matters of decorating with innovative team here you goes with Chocolate events.
1.Color themed
2.Custom-made decoration
3.Stylish Muhurtham decorations

Photography- Wedding

It’s all about vision behind the camera
Celebrations with photography are all about the splendor of a moment. The most wonderful moment could be at a sparkle of a second, and a decent photograph is always about possession the moment from running away. At Chocolate events, wetrust and surrender to the influence of a worthy photograph. Boundless photography comes from that special moment when beautiful light, anexclusive location and lively composition all combine to capture and create emotion. The feeling may be the raw determination of a diver lunging to touch the wall, the happiness of a small child as she plays with a sibling, or that special feeling you have as you observer a once in a lifetime occasion. Whether snapping athletes for a specialty magazine, or shooting a family photo session, this is my area as a professional photographer, to capture those emotions and preserve those memories forever. Traditional Indian Wedding photography is also all about the facts. Our lenses are modified to blend in with the atmosphere, understand your emotions, and capture all the candid instants that are so part of a fleeting realism. We love to be a part of your occasion and cover-up’s all your sweetest moment with lively environment, here we show you a world of happiness behind the camera and broadcast through gallery of images, you don’t call those as images instead your WOW memories.

Catering - Wedding

Indian weddingcateringsolutionssuggestswide range of multi-regional cuisine options and personalized meals prepared to your order that will ensure your guests enjoy the pleasant dining experience. We will consider the requirements and execute aflawless event that will ensure that your special celebration meal is unique and delightfully flavorful. The wedding may be failed to recall, but the weddingcuisine is not failed to recall so easily. The experience of having food at the wedding is shared by the invitees with each person in the family and the circle of friends. This makes it very significant to have the yummiestwedding caterers in Chennai or your wedding in the family. Chocolate Events unique and custom-made wedding cuisine services ensure that you get delightful food to experience a fantastic celebration. We provide a best catering services for all price ranges. Do you want a low-priced menu? Do you have aover-the-top edding on the cards and want only the finest catering services for your family wedding? Not to worry, we are there to get you the food with owing taste for your money. Especially in catering, Chocolate Events focus the services is on the beautiful presentation, execution and delivery of culinary masterpieces. Our expert wedding catering team can put-together the perfect Indian fusion buffet menu that will create abang of flavors for you and your guests' taste. We are focused on creating out of the box food experiences and our menus are top-quality to suit different needs, budget, and wedding style.

Apart from the main progression our culture will keen in to the extra stuffs like

Tamboolam Bags

Bridal Ornments and Jewels

Customized and Innovative Invitation With Content

Bridel Makeup's

Light Music

DJ Enertainers

Food Stalls

Special Effects


Themed Invites